Why Do We Give Up So Easily?

There are people who succeed and those who fail. But people who give up do not realize that successful people were once failures as well. Then why can’t we all succeed?

1. We walk aimlessly. Before I start, I would like to point out that there is no goal too big to achieve. However, we walk the walk thinking that we won’t reach the finish line. We rarely envision ourselves achieving our goals, which eventually questions the origin of our desire: What is it that we want to achieve? Why do we want to achieve it? How much do we want it? These questions resurface with greater emphasis once our attitude start veering off to the wrong direction.

2. We are afraid. It takes time and sacrifices to accomplish greater goals. This is especially true to those who are in the middle class; one may not have everything to satisfy her greed, but she also have some to lose if she dares to venture her curiosity. Before you even set your goal, you question your capability. “How can I possibly do that?”, “Do I really NEED it?”, “Is it worth the time investment?”, etc. Those worries may be necessary, but they only prove to be impediments to your goal. Once a thought of trying something new comes to your mind, you just have to be able to stand firm and learn to let go to try something new.

3. It is easier. Very simple. “it’s not worth it if it’s so easy to achieve”. How many times have we heard that? It sounds cool and immediately without putting much thought into it, we take that quote and transform it to our motto. But frankly, how often do we actually think about the meaning of the quote and try to apply it to our perception? When we face obstacles, we tend to search for the shortcut or easy way about solving the problem. But when we work to accomplish a goal, it’s either we push our limit or we abort the mission. There is never that perfect balance between the two. No matter how hard you try to convince yourself, you won’t be able to find easier way about accomplishing your goal other than to give up on it. You will soon ask yourself, “why do I need to stress over this, when I can simply quit as if nothing had happened, because I haven’t done much?”

Well, here’s a tip for ya:

If you doubt your goal, just go for it. You will never know until you try. If it ends in a failure, you will know to move on and establish a new goal. If you succeed… well, there you have it.

So what’s stopping you?


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