He, who does not give up

It is sickening that I have turned my back on Him, but he refused to let me go.

Before college, I have always attended adult service at church with my parents, so I never had the chance to share His love with people of my age. Naturally, when I came to college, it was a new experience. I realized that the brothers and sisters in my fellowship have elevated my trust and love for Him; I became more thirsty for His love and for greater knowledge.

To my surprise, I had to take a year off after my first year. At first, I was baffled. I just did not know how to react. I really didn’t. As any student would, I questioned God, “Why me?” I initially thought that he had given up on me. I thought He and I were on the same page. I thought he saw me grow in His opened arms, but felt as if he tossed me aside.

Boy, was I wrong. He wanted me to seek for Him without depending on others (Acts 17:27). He wanted one on one time with me! How marvelous is that? To assure me that I do not need friends to confirm my belief, but to solely rely on God for who He is. When that mentality began to shape up, I couldn’t help but to believe that I was the chosen one to be His best friend! Through that year-long absence from school, I have become so close to God. I was afraid of Him at first, but He became my best friend. Those were the happiest days of my life! (Sure, that I didn’t have to stress from school assignments could have mitigated the problem, but seriously… God can do wonders)

Unfortunately and unexpectedly, our friendship vitiated last semester. After I came back to school, I was SO confident that I could achieve so much with His help… but for some reason, I turned away from that. I shut Him out. I did not let Him in my life. In hindsight, I think that was the darkest time of my life. But cut me some slack, because I did try to resist the temptations and return to Him. But I surrendered to school work, lack of discipline, and to other personal reasons. How foolish is that?

Before this semester started, I promised myself that I would change. I promised Him that I will not be the same.

I can proudly say that I am not the same man of yesterday. I am very confident that I can finally earn a 4.0 gpa (yes I know… it’s only been the first week of school). I am very confident that I can get closer to God again. To my Father.

I am a disciple on campus. I will do my best to share His love to everyone.

He saved me, so I don’t see how he can’t save you.


“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8


10 thoughts on “He, who does not give up

    • Sharon, I seriously had the roughest time last semester, and it really was because I let Him go in my life. But the funny thing is, He NEVER let go of me. The fact that I constantly thought to myself that I need to return to Him, was an indication that He wanted me to hang on to Him, because He was holding onto unworthy ME.

      One question I want to challenge you with is:
      Are you fighting because of fear or because of forgiveness?

      I am truly thankful that our Father is a jealous God who really loves us. So why not appreciate the love? Sure, many times we fail to see His love for us, because we cannot see Him with our eyes, but everyday he reminds us of His power, His presence, and His perseverance for us. So just let Him in your life, then you will see all the happiness He provides for us!

      • I’m not fighting for either. However, there have been trials, tribulations, deep dark places in my walk with the Lord and although I’d fall short of His glory again and again, still do, there was a time He whispered those words in my ear as I cried out to Him. Never let go of me Father. And never let me, let go of You. How very precious still, those words are to me. Blessings… Sharon

  1. I understand exactly what you mean. Personally, my greatest fear is that the words that come out of my mouth are results of being spiritually high and that my faith will wither in time. But He has shown me that He is a loving and forgiving God who will walk by my side everywhere I go.

    I don’t know if you have seen this already, but I would like to share a video with you:


    • Yes, we have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. I have had, and still have concerns at times, about fulfilling what He would have me do in my life. He doesn’t mold us, make us into instruments He can use, and not fulfill His end of it all. So together we go. * smiles*

      While walking as fast as I can, my pace slows. Reaching out toward You Father is my hand. You reassure me the shoes fit just fine, and I will grow into them. Father, by Your Grace, will I always feel that the shoes are too big.

      Thank you for the video, I’ve not seen it before now. It reminds me of this lady’s blog I visited the other day talking about how God has been taken out of schools and some of the things that occur as a consequence. This was my response to her:

      We so easily forget how great God is. Man and his distracted heart, filled with desires and cravings, cannot snuff out, that which created him. God always finds a way to show up in the very places some claim He cannot, does not dwell. Its not in a house or school you will find God, and yet, He’s there. It is within our hearts He lives and its from here, we bring Him wherever we go, doing whatever we do. God is not dead, nor is He going away, for He lives… in me and in you. * smiles*

      • Again, I can empathize with all your points. That I am a college student, there are many temptations that surround me and many paths I would like to explore, but it sometimes proves to be difficult to keep in mind of what I need to do to bring glory to our Father. I know, and we all know, that He will use us to fulfill His plans for everyone!

        And I cry every time I watch the video! haha
        but yes, He will always be with us no matter where we go!

        Thank you so much for your profound insights!

    • Mrs. Diana,

      Thank you so much for your insight! I read the referenced blog, and it hit me so hard. Last semester, I was just too disappointed in myself that I felt the need to reconnect with Him with my own power. I am just so very encouraged and thankful to have brothers and sisters to help me stand back up to walk the walk with Him.

      Seriously, I really appreciate your insights and encouragements. I especially admire your way of conveying your thoughts to the readers.

      Thank you!

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