First month of the year is in the past already and so is my first 2 weeks of school…

I am already feeling the intense pressure of school work that I NEED to finish tomorrow if I want to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday.

To list a few assignments, I need to read about 4 chapters for my Green engineering classes, take a quiz, a research paper, study for a quiz, work on my math assignment, prepare my lab, and a little bit more.

Studies have shown that music with words distract students when studying, but music with no words can help students.


So I would like to ask the readers to recommend me ANY music that I can listen to when I study!

And I mean ANY music. My favorite soundtrack is Frozen soundtrack!

But please don’t recommend me 4’33”

If you haven’t heard of that piece, go check it out on YouTube! (I don’t know if they would have it). Don’t get me wrong though, I really appreciate, respect, and understand the composer’s purpose of the piece, but I’m worried that I would fall asleep listening to it and working on my assignments!


Thank you!


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