3 Reasons to Love Your Life

To conjure only 3 reasons to love your life proved to be a challenge, because life offers so many more, but here’s my list. Feel free add more to the list on the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!

1. Smiles & Laughter

These two are the prevailing indications that a person is in a state of happiness. One cannot be frowning or crying when she is smiling or laughing. Let’s just break it down: Many people desire money, because they have so many items that they want to buy. Does this mean money can buy happiness? Absolutely not. Money only augments one’s avarice and clouds her self-reflection and awareness of others. But what one can do with money can put a smile on her face. I know this sounds like a belying statement, but bear with me. When one satisfies her greed by purchasing unnecessary goods or donate to the need, she naturally smiles. Look around you throughout the day, and count how many people are smiling or laughing. The studies have shown that smiles and laughter are contagious. They will bounce around from person to person, giving each soul a moment of happiness. Sure, those short moments prove to be evanescent, but will occur so frequently that a person can convince herself that she lives in a happy environment. I have learned that some people are just way too happy all the time, which some others do not appreciate, but I think that is a good thing. Next time you are annoyed by “unnecessarily” happy people, just stop for a minute and reflect on your day; You will be sure to find reasons to smile and laugh.


2. Friends & Family

I am not going to focus too greatly on the family aspect of the reasons, because I believe it is self explanatory. Yes, many people can argue that that statement applies to “friends” too, but I will still refuse to add great details to the family side of this. To keep it more concise, just multiply the sentiment about friends by 100 to compute how precious one’s family is. Anyway, friends are the reasons to love your life. First of all, why do we have friends? Or, why do we call certain people our friends? Prevailing ideology is that friends are people who will love you for who you are and what you do. In other words, you can be your true self to those people and not worry about being judged. But as one of my most revered writers mentioned in her blog, people really don’t care too much about what you do, because they are too busy worrying about themselves. To amalgamate her statement with my experience is that (please correct me if I am wrong), we should not worry so much about what others will think of us. So friends should be people whom you can trust and rely on in hard and fun times, not just those who refuse to judge you. But honestly, it is so easy to interact with strangers in the street and just have good laughs that we can essentially call everyone our friend. See where I am going with this? Everyone around you is the reason to love your life. Sure, there may be people who may not be equipped with the tools to entertain you, but you have such a large pool of people to choose from! All it takes is for you to stop reading this and hit the “like” button, and comment, and leave your computer and go out to talk with a stranger! I am only joking (but really)…


3. Your Self-understanding

People who feel gloomy feel the way they do, because they have a tendency to believe that they have it worse than others do. But that way of thinking is very futile and definitely will not mitigate the problem. A person just has to remind himself that there will always be someone better than him, so sitting there and sniveling will do him no good. Once a person realizes that the competition is about himself vs himself of yesterday, he will soon see the improvement he is making daily. Just knowing yourself will give you more reasons to love your life and give you unexpected happiness that awaits tomorrow.


Let me use a Pokemon analogy to help you better understand what we are failing to do: A player is given a Pokemon to start the game, and the player has to catch other Pokemon to add to his Pokedex (Portmanteau: Pokemon + Index ). When a player catches a legendary/rare Pokemon, the player immediately becomes elated and starts to celebrate, and without his knowing, he is smiling about it. Also, the player can only carry up to 6 Pokemons, so the player chooses the best ones that could help his journey. In life, we can have more than 6 (best) friends (I put the word “best” in parentheses, because I deem it unnecessary, but I will mention that in later discussion) who are always there for us. Other Pokemon you run into while walking in the grass or in the cave represent strangers you meet in life. Some, you will want to catch and treasure, but others you are fine with letting them go. It is your decision. But what I really want to convey through this analogy is that, players do their best to make sure that their Pokemon are in best shape to get the job done. They train their Pokemons to be the best; they don’t just turn off the power button when they encounter better players. So why can’t we apply that simple method to our lives? Why can’t we just do our best to improve ourselves? Think of yourself as a character in a game that you want to train! I am so sorry if this sounded too corny and if you have never played Pokemon or do not have a clue about the show. This was out of my comfort zone, as well.



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