I Killed Jesus

Not only once, but many times.

Our sin is our falling short of the glory of God. We are not righteous. We need the righteousness of Jesus, which comes from faith in Jesus Christ.

Our sin deserves death and that is its rightful consequence.

But why do we keep sinning? Why is it so difficult for us to do what God asks us to do and let go of our earthly desires?
That is because we are shy about exposing our sins. We are embarrassed about sharing certain immoral actions that we commit daily. For instance, it is widely believed that all guys watch porn and lust over girls, but men are afraid to say it themselves in front of women. How can we, then, say that we are capable of fighting off our sins when we are afraid to expose it? You see, we should be fighting to expose our sins, and hiding from it won’t change anything. But once we expose our sin, we can be saved and not allow our sins to enslave us again.

We are slaves to God when we are saved!

Slave to God = Life.

(Romans 6:22-23)

Look at Luke 7:36-50 for an example. Sinful woman (prostitute) was disrespected and was condescended upon, and Pharisee (Teacher of the law) was revered and viewed with honor. Look at the scripture and see who respected whom. How did they view their sin? What was their response to their sin, and why? Jesus tells us that no matter how trivial our sins may be compare to those of others, we are equal before Him. We need God! Our love for Him should be great because our sin is overwhelming.

God sent His son, Jesus, to die for us on the cross. Jesus died for our sins. Just because God put Jesus on the cross for our sins, could it be possible that Jesus actually wanted to die? The answer is no. Jesus died willingly because it was to fulfill God’s purpose.

It was because of OUR sins that Jesus had to die. Yet, here we are today, still committing sins. Consequently, we are killing Jesus over and over again. Is it because we haven’t really seen Jesus in real life, that we allow this to happen? Should anything be different if one of our family members had to die for what we did wrong? Would you be so willing to commit the sin again? I certainly hope not.

I believe that the first step we need to take is to expose our sins. Once we are strong enough to let ourselves know what we are doing wrong, then we can truly fight it. How could we possibly fight something if we don’t know it exist?

Are you willing to expose your sins?


I just realized after posting this that today was Valentines Day… Maybe I should have written something more happy and loving… But then again, Single’s Awareness day isn’t too exciting, anyway. I just need His love.


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