Proud of My Buddy

How blessed I am to have a friend like him. A very passionate, influential, and wise man he is. He’s taught me to be patient and to keep my head up through my struggles. Pursuing to become a singer, he has been going through many obstacles to walk a step closer to his goal. And here is one of his products. Please check it out and share it and support him! Thank you!


3 Things I Learned Through Lent

For lent, I decided to give up YouTube. At first, I thought it would be very easy, because I hardly watch videos on YouTube… until I had actually given up. There were many temptations planted all over the internet. People would post interesting videos on Facebook or on Sports Website, and when I click the video, it would direct me to YouTube. I would, then, suppress my temptation and tell myself that I would watch it when Lent is over. The hardest thing, however, was when I had to use YouTube for school work, which I had to find alternatives to go about the assignment. And here are 3 things I learned from the experience

1.) To love God, I need integrity. I learned that just by mumbling to myself that I love God, or to go around telling people how much I love Him, I need to first make sure to live like a son of Christ. It is a shame that I tell people how awesome He is, yet I fail to live up to His expectations. Yes, God is a forgiving and loving God and our sins were washed away, but I sometimes find it abominable when I reflect on my daily habits that could turn people away from God.

2.) God above all else. As mentioned above, I thought lent would be easy. In a way, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to rid of distraction towards God and school. However, I was myopic and never truly admitted that school is one of the bigger distractions to God. When I refused to watch/use YouTube for a class assignment, I realized I need to be able to overcome my personal desire for success and turn to God.

3.) Jesus loves us SO much. How could it be that Jesus went through all the pain just to bring us closer to God? How often do I remind myself of that? Not so much, and lent has helped me be more aware of that.

2 Questions I Would Like to Ask My Professors

I have been so privileged to be able to study at such prestigious schools that have molded me to be the person I am today.

Through those years, I met great people. They all started as my acquaintances, but now I can call them my brothers and sisters, and mentors and students.

There were, of course, some professors I loved and respected, and some professors I respected but disliked, and I have questions for them:

1. Why do some professors think that all students will appreciate it if they cancel the class? Sure, the prevailing ideology is that many college students skip class, but let’s not forget that each class probably costs a few hundred dollars. I understand that some occasions are inevitable, but telling us that their dogs are afraid of thunder and that no one was home to take care of them? Okay, that makes me sound very inhumane, but you get the idea.

2. I understand that some professors are at their university for their research, but if they are ignorant toward their students, how could they consider themselves qualified? To them, their research may be more important, but to students, their education is more important than the professors’ research. I am a Mac user, and just because my professor doesn’t use any Mac product, he refused to help me out telling me that he doesn’t like Mac users. He just walked away after telling me that. Yeah, that may be my personal problem, but when more than half of the class doesn’t show up for his lecture, that says something about the professor as well.

1 Thing to Remember

Last semester, I struggled mightily with my school work, which made me homesick all the time. I just wanted to spend time with my family everyday… This semester, however, could possibly be my best academic semester in college, which is very encouraging. 1 downside of this is that I feel the need to do work all the time that I think about my family a lot less than usual. This thinking has been bothering me lately, because I worry that when I get a job years from now, I will put my work before my family. I can promise that that will not happen, but that’s been my thought. I just need to constantly remind myself of all the loves my parents pour out to me, which is helping me to do my best in any aspect of my life.